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Who is Katia?

A small brief story how Our star entered and how she went out with the smile she enetered with .Katia harakeh a lebanese girl rom south of lebanon she is 24 years.She used to study theater and acting in Lebanese university.When she finished, she is now studying pyschology of kids. She is very kind-hearted. She is so sensitive. She have good sense of humor and good at leadership skills.As we saw in star academy she is a hyper girl full of life with a strong & very nice personality.The most thing we liked about her is that she used to be so spontaneous and she never acted or did something fake.She was her self not more.This is why she enetered many people's heart, in the same time some people thought she acts like kids.But here in lebanon we want to love our life happily and easily.This is what Katia used to do not more.But some people might got this wrong.Her smile,her jumping from place to other,her dance, used to give the academy a nice move.She used to give life to the academy.Even when she went out,she went out smiling and happy and dancing outside with all the ones who love her because she knew that she reached an excellent place, she reached the peoples heart and she always thanked god for this.

From the time she enetered we can see how did she change.Even her personality changed a bit.For example we could see that she became less sensitive and tried to communicate with all her friends removing away her tears that used to fall down easily.She becme more stronger, she have more self-confidence now. First when she enetered she used to fear from the jury and after each evaluation she used to give reasons.But later on she used to enter and go with high self-confidence and with no fear.Its obvious i think that she sang alot in star academy more than others and this is because she can learn the songs very well and easily and her performance on the stage is better
than the others which used to help her to give us her feelings easily with her sweet smile.In the medley's songs she used to appear in her excellent performance.And in the dancers show she used to be the best without anyone facing her .She used to have weak voice at first and she used to fear vocalise, but beacuse she wanted to learn and reach our hearts she worked hard and she reached her goal to have the love of the people and the good voice that she will use it in singing in the coming months nshalla.
To be real she should be the star.Beacuse these days we can see alot of singers.Either they have looks and no voice,either they have voice without looks or good performance on stage.While in our star Katia.She have the good looking, the good performance on stage and how she reacts with the audience easily,and she have the good voice.
But lebanon is small country, we voted alot but facing ksa and gulf countries sure we will not win.But Katia won the love of the people who will always wait her new.
Katia's voice is one of kind who can sing many type of songs easily.She can sing the light songs and the heavy songs.She can aslo sing english,french,spanish so well.
What do we want more.Isnt this the star we want.Isnt this the kind of singer we like to watch and hear.We need from our star to continue her way because many people loves her and are waiting for her in everything new.Dont stop and complete your way we will always be near you and we will always love you.You said you want to complete in vocalise,yes please complete and dont stop here.
Many people are waiting for you.As hayfa wehibi told you dont be late in doing a single song atleast so that the people
we will not forget you.And dont forget what sabah told you that you'll be a star.Your face is so close to people hearts.Remeber please this always. Now we are waiting for you to be in the tour nshalla because the tour needs you.
Needs the sweet hyper girl that can give alot still to all the ones who love her.

Iam sorry if i took alot from your time. I want from anyone who have extra things to add about Katia dont hesitate in that.Just contact me.And i will always be ready.
Thanks alot for stopping here and Please if anyone from Katia's friend read this & our star didnt like it please please contact me.


In this section iam going to include any news about Katia.Where is she and about her lately works. So if anyone knows Katia's future plan offer me with the information so that her fans will keep in touch with her news.

This section is for Gossip.Hope it will be filled soon.Thanks for your cooperation.

Contributed by Samouh...



Comments about Katia from the beginning she started.These comments are done for the evaluation.
Aida Sabra Comments:
Week 3: She is not showing improvement.
Week 4: She tried to create the ambiance in the scene but she is not feeling the spirit of the lyrics.
This is what influences the song.
Also, she walks very wrong and she was looking down all the time.
Week 9: Katia has no problem in performing on stage. She knows how to act and react.
Week 12: In general, Katia works a lot in class. She usually communicates with the audience while singing.

Allisar Caracalla Comments:
Week 7: In general, Katia works a lot in class. She usually communicates with the audience while singing.
Week 11: Katia has a good presence. She attracts the public.
Although she has a weakness in her voice, she is brilliant on stage.
Week 12: In the evaluation, Katia was so confused and her voice was vibrating a lot.
I expected more from her because she is very clever.
Betty Tawtel Comments:
Week 2: She has a good presence in class, but she needs to get over her fears from the jury.
Week 6: In the evaluation, Katia performed well. She wasn’t laughing. She was serious and showed me a new person.
Week 9: In general, Katia is attractive on stage. Even if she does wrong, she goes on.
Week 10: Katia is so special. She is progressing in a remarkable way.
In the evaluation, she created an invisible person and made us feel that he exists in reality.
I hope that she keeps on progressing.
Marie Naccour Comments:
Week 5: I was impressed. This time, in the evaluation, I liked the idea because it's the first time that Katia felt the song.
But she fears us and the proof is the "Vibrato" in her voice.
Week 8: Katia is progressing a lot. But what I didn’t like in the evaluation is that while singing,
she stressed on her voice to transfer her feelings to us.
Week 11: Katia is an intelligent student. But she has to work on her voice more.
Week 12: Katia was so afraid in the evaluation. She stressed a little bit on her voice.
I advise her to sing on a piano tonality.

Michel Fadel Comments:
Week 6: In the evaluation, Katia was good in general. But she stressed on the words a lot and she sang from her nose.
Week 10: Katia has progressed a lot. She still has some problems but she is so attractive in general.

Wadih Abi Raad Comments:
Week 4: Katia still has the same problems as before. She sings all the time from her nose. I doubt that she is making use of our remarks.
Week 7: Katia has a problem in breathing. The end of phrases cannot be understood. But she worked on avoiding singing from her nose.
Week 11: Katia has a charisma. She creates a contact between her and the public and shows well her feelings. Yet, she has to work on her voice more.
Whoever has any comment about Katia from her fans please let me know & i'll be happy in adding your comments.
Thanks alot.



Be sure to let me know what you hear and I'll add it to this page!

Done by: Samouha